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Ted Miller

Baskin, LA

Ted and Melissa Miller own and operate Delta Dairy LLC in Baskin, LA. Founded in 2009 and located on the Mississippi River delta,  the operation consists of approximately 550 milk cows and 600 head of replacements and bulls, rotationally grazed on 1200 acres of pasture.  The herd is calved seasonally in September and dried off in late July.  This timing allows for maximizing the utilization of cool season forage and favorable conditions for lactating dairy cattle.  With access to a high ground water table, irrigation through center pivots is utilized on 540 acres.  The pivots also serve as a cooling mechanism for cattle in hot conditions. The goal of the operation is to capture economic advantages such as labor efficiencies and high animal health that are typical of pasture based systems. You will be able to see all this and more on the tour of the Delta Dairy. 

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