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What on Earth is an Earth Team Volunteer?

Since 1985,  Earth Team volunteers have provided a valued source of talent and enthusiasm to the USDA/NRCS. Every day, these dedicated volunteers work with conservation professionals on private lands to improve soil quality, conserve water, improve air quality and enhance wildlife habitat.

Available to anyone 14 and older, the Earth Team provides a variety of opportunities: full- or part-time; outdoor or indoor activities; and as an individual or part of a group. There is something for everyone.

How to Become a Earth Team Volunteer?

Whether it’s showing your support for your community, assisting natural resource conservation, gaining professional experience or contributing your professional knowledge after retirement, there are plenty of great reasons to become an Earth Team volunteer. Click here to see some Earth Team volunteer opportunities available to you.

How to Sign Up:

If you are interested in becoming an Earth Team Volunteer, it's easy! Just follow these two easy steps. 

1. Print and fill out the Volunteer Service Agreement and return to 

2. Once you are signed up, you can start serving and logging your hours here.

That's it! Thank you for your positive impact on the earth!

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