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Secrets to Increasing Profit with Dallas Mount

“Most farms are just a collection of expensive assets and a lot of physically-demanding low-paying jobs. A business is more than that.” That's what Dallas Mount, owner of Ranch Management Consultants and educator for the world renown Ranching For Profit School, has observed in his years of work in the field. He and the RFP team have developed an approach that provides farmers with better options. Come spend the day with Dallas and learn tools that you will use for the rest of your farming life.

The workshop will be challenging, fun, and very interactive. It is designed for livestock farms of all scales and stages of development. Participants will leave with insights and tools they can apply immediately to simplify their business, improve their land, increase profitability, and improve their relationships. If you make a living raising livestock (or plan to), you owe it to your future to spend one day with Dave!

You will learn to:

  • Apply his Three Secrets for Increasing Profit® to your farm.

  • Identify your “deadwood” and “profit drivers.”

  • Set a profit target and create a plan to achieve it.

  • Simplify your farm while increasing your profit.

  • Understand difference between economics and finance and why economics always comes first.

In addition to drilling in to the secrets for increasing profit, Dallas will spend the afternoon addressing priority issues and challenges identified by participants. A delicious lunch will be provided, feel free to bring what you need to fuel yourself if you have specific dietary needs.

Registration deadline is Friday, March 20th. Space is limited.

If ​you ​require ​accessibility ​accommodations ​to ​participate ​in ​this ​program, ​please ​contact ​Taylor Frey at 225-240-3376 or ​by March 20th, 2020 ​so ​we ​may ​assist ​you.

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