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Grow More Training Sessions: July 30th & August 1st

LGLCI is co-hosting the Grow More trainings with LDAF and Louisiana Master Farmers. Our team has participated in these training sessions in the past and has greatly benefited from the knowledge gained during these comprehensive, day-long events. There are two training sessions, each at a different location and on different days. The first day-long training will occur on July 30th in New Orleans at the Garden Study Center, Botanical Gardens. The second training will take place on August 1st, 2024 at the Red River Research Station in Bossier City.

"Using social science to advance future friendly agriculture."
"Grow More Training are a combination of
presentations, exercises, and group planning
to make sure that your outreach to farmers is
the most effective it can be, which saves you
time and effort."
Grow More-NOLA
Download • 1.95MB

Grow More-Bossier
Download • 1.95MB


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