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Maximizing Profit and Sustainability in Cattle Farming: Insights from the Profit Event

On the morning of September 9, 2023, LGLCI and the LA Farm Bureau Federation hosted Kit Pharo and Weston Walker from Pharo Cattle Company.

Recap of topics:

Cow size, managed grazing, profit per acre, and heat-tolerant breeds were some of the topics at the LGLCI and LFBF event this past Friday.

Kit Pharo presented his unique approach to profit per acre instead of per head of cattle, and his key suggested ways to do that included smaller cow frame size to produce more pounds of beef per acre, reducing and/or eliminating supplemental feeding, and improving your grazing practices and rangeland quality.

One quote Kit referenced was from Greg Judy: “My grazing has made it possible for me to double my grass production. That’s like having someone give you another farm for free!”

Weston Walker discussed his experience with some of the heat-tolerant breeds in herds across the south, including Mashona, Tuli, Corriente, and Romosinuano. He also delved into a bit of the mineral and salt conditioning programs and referenced Steve Campbell’s influence in that.

With 70 in attendance, the presentation finished with a smoked brisket lunch.

Thanks to our hosts and sponsors for this event:

Louisiana Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation

Pharo Cattle Company

Cattle Producers of Louisiana

USDA Louisiana


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