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Evening On The Crawfish Farm - an Agritourism event by LGLCI

Dusk and sunset on a beautiful farm, good food, kids laughing and playing, good conversations and company- that’s what we experienced last Saturday evening at “Evening on the Crawfish Farm.”

Justin Fuselier at Coastal Prairie Farm in newly planted organic rice field

Seventy-three people came from far and near to join at Coastal Prairie Farm in Eunice, LA for an evening of visiting stations. A hay ride rotated people through stops to watch and learn about the farm. There was something to learn for all ages and experience levels.

At the farm’s newly-planted rice fields, visitors learned that the Fuselier’s do not use commercial fertilizer to raise their rice. The rotation of livestock and crawfish through the rice fields helps to fertilize it.

In waist-high native prairie ground, the insects buzzed and fluttered, and there was much discussion about the ecological benefits of the prairie. Children gathered bouquets, families took pictures at the photo booth setup, and prairie enthusiasts wandered slowly, admiring the diversity. In the prairie, it always feels a few degrees cooler in temperature and makes for a comfortable stroll.

Louisiana native prairie at Coastal Prairie Farm

Further down the driveway at the crawfish pond, two little wooden docks provided a place to tie a chicken neck onto a little square net, tie that to a piece of bamboo, and put it in the water for crawfish to crawl onto. The open water was a beautiful sunset setting as well.

Petting and playing with sheep on a Louisiana farm visit

And back at the main farm office large lawn, children were able to play with and lead baby goats, sheep, and a calf around on leashes. There was a dirt pile with pots and green bean seeds and instructions on potting your own green beans. Another table held a large pile of corn in the shuck, where families could shuck, taste, and take home sweet corn. Then on the side, an apple tree provider small ripe apples for picking and tasting.

A large tent housed tables and chairs, where a caterer provided some large boiled crawfish and farm-raised hamburgers from Coastal Prairie Farm’s grass fed beef.

The night ended with good discussions around the crawfish tables and a soil health movie on the big screen on the lawn during dinner.

On the way out after dark, families could dodge and see the crawfish crawling onto the road in between crawfish ponds.

What a pleasant night of a beautiful and healthy farm setting.

Crawfish ponds in Louisiana
Crawfish ponds in Louisiana

Children catching crawfish in louisiana at a farm visit

Children in the Louisiana native prairie

Crawfishing dock at Coastal Prairie farm
Crawfishing dock at Coastal Prairie farm

Transport wagon at Coastal Prairie Farm

Louisiana GLCI pasture walk at crawfish farm

Crawfish farm visit, crawfish net, louisiana crawfish


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