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If You Want to be a Cowboy, Get a Job, by Stan Parsons. *Book review by Don Ashford, Ethel, LA*

If You Want to Be A Cowboy Get A Job, and other insults about the way modern ranches are run. This is the title of a little book of less than 150 pages written by Dr. Stan Parsons. Without question reading this book has had more to do with the way we do things with our little outfit than any book I have ever read.

The power of this little volume is the fact that it makes the reader think. While reading keep in mind that Dr. Parsons is sharing thoughts and information that is intended for the producers that are in this business to make a living and truth be told this eliminates most U. S. producers. The first chapter is entitled, Action Plan... value of. The last chapter is entitled, Weaning ...the art of. Between these two chapters there are discussions of everything from costs, hay, heifers, taxes, water, and grass just to name a few. But before getting into all of that I believe it would be very helpful to begin with the chapter, If You Want to be A Cowboy, get a job. Now if you will admit to yourself that you are in the cattle business as a hobby this book will probably be of little interest to you, but if you are trying to make a profit that adds to your living then it just might be life changing. It was for us.

-Don Ashford, Ethel, LA


About the Author:

*Don and Betty Ashford began as dairy farmers in Ethel, Louisiana, and moved into beef cattle around the year 2001 or so. Don was one of the first people in

Louisiana to adopt and advertise grass-based grazing principles, and helped start the Southeast Graziers Pasture walks. Don still raises Devon and Hereford crossbred cattle on their home farm.

photo by Tara Morris 2023


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